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Ben Rose
Jabir Hussain
0.58 min
Mohammed J Rahmati vs Adam Buttress
2.00 min
Brendan Loughnane
Luke Brown
1.32 min
Lee Johnson
Jason McHugh
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
1.19 min
Piotr Brodaki
Ian White
Submission (Guillotine Choke)
3.50 min
Paul Gardner
Simon Hull
Submission (Triangle Choke)
4.50 min
Arthur Kus
Gavin Dunicliffe
Unanimous Decision
2.00 min
David Cieplicki
Dean Johnson
Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
1.03 min
Tommy Mullin
Robin Waite
0.40 min
Marios Konstandi
Barry Walker
Referee Stoppage
1.25 min
Leigh Cohoon
Trevor Irvine
T.K.O (Doctor Stoppage)
2.00 min
Paul Hopkins
Carl Byrne
Submission (Arm Bar)
1.18 min
Karsten Lenjoint
Pablo G Silveria
1.51 min


Fight 1: Ben Rose vs. Jabir Hussain

In round 1 both fighters came out into a strong grapple leading to a good stand up exchange with Jabir showing the aggression. It put Ben on the back foot and getting a bloodied nose nearing the end of the round Ben gets a good right overhand in, which slows Jabir down.

For the second, Ben comes out more aggressive with his hands and 1 minute into the round lands a right hook in the jaw and knocks Jabir clean out.

Fight 2: Mohammed Rahmati vs. Adam Buttress

Round 1 started slowly with both opponents measuring each other up, then Adam goes straight upstairs with a head kick and some solid low kicks. Not to be out done Mohammed tries a spinning hook kick and starts to show more aggression and dominates the rest of the round.

In the second round both fighters came out strong with Adam getting some good hands through so Mohammed goes into clinch to stop the momentum.

The third sees Adam come out strong even though both fighters are starting to slow but still able to push out some good combo's right to the bell, showing what a good even match up they were.

Fight 3: Luke Brown vs. Brendan Loughnane

Tentative start with both fighters going for single strikes with Brendan getting a good right to force Luke to the ground but he recovers getting a leg lock from underneath. Brendan fires the hand strikes in and gets a release - both fighters get back to their feet. Brendan comes straight in with a straight right knocking Luke to the floor where the referee Jimmy Wallhead jumps in and calls the fight, for the safety of Luke.

Fight 4: Jason McHugh vs. Lee Johnson

Jason goes straight for the takedown hitting his opponent into the fence. Lee gets a good reversal and goes for a standing leg lock but ends up with a good kick to the face. However this is to no avail as Lee gains Jason's back and gets a read naked choke forcing Jason to tap.

Fight 5: Piotr Brodaki vs. Ian White

Piotr starts with some good kicks but Ian starts to put good pressure on the pole with solid hand and feet combos. Ian drives forward and pushes Piotr into the cage with good knee's and rarely seen foot stomps at this level. Piotr was trying to find his range with his high kicks but Ian's low roundhouse kicks are finding the target better. Ian starts to take control and gets Piotr to the ground bring the round to an end.

Round 2 sees a slow start with Piotr trying his kicks again and finds his way through taking Ian down to the ground. Unable to get past Ian's guard both fighters are back up and Piotr manages to get some further good kicks in. Ian fights back with a good take down but loses out to Piotr who gains a guillotine choke, forcing Ian to tap.

Fight 6: Simon Hull vs. Paul Gardner

Paul comes out with a hard leg kick and takes Simon to the ground straight away, pounding at Simon with no hesitation. Referee Jimmy Wallhead jumps in to save Simon from any serious infliction.

Fight 7: Gavin Dunnicliffe vs. Arthur Kus

Slow start with both fighters weighing each other up with a few single strikes. Gavin takes the initiative and takes Arthur down getting side control with some good knees to the body. Gaining full mount with hard punches to the ribs Arthur gains his composure and reverses the mount with his own ground and pound to the body. The fighters stand and strike at a steady pace with Arthur getting a good kick into Gavin's head which he takes well.

Round 2 sees Gavin tiring and taking some heavy shots - he recovers well to get the takedown but to no avail. The fighters stand with Gavin taking shots but still able to force the takedown. The referee has to stand the fighters back up with both tiring.

Arthus Kus gets the judges decision.

Fight 8: David Cieplicki vs. Dean Johnson

Dean comes out strong with his hands, David takes him down and gets full mount looking to ground and pound but Dean shows good defense and forces the stand up. David wants to go straight back to the ground but looses with Dean gaining mount and punching away. This time David gets the reversal but cant get through Dean's guard.

Round 2 sees Dean going for big leg kicks. David yet again goes for the take down, gets a rear naked choke and Dean has to tap out.

Fight 9: Robin Waite vs. Tommy Mullin

Tommy flies in with aggressive strikes and with a heavy takedown pounds Robin in the head giving him no chance. Referee Jimmy Wall head is forced to dive in and save him.

Fight 10: Marios Konstandi vs. Barry Walker

Barry shoots straight in and takes Marios down then falls foul to a reversal. Marios pounds Barry who struggles to cope with the onslaught. The referee steps in to stop any unnecessary punishment.

Fight 11: Trevor Irvine vs. Leigh Cohoon

Leigh comes out striking but Trevor gets the first take down trying to work his way through the guard. Leigh defend well and gets the reversal and Trevor tries an arm bar from underneath however Leigh shakes him off. Back on his feet, Trevor pressures Leigh to the cage then Leigh forces the take down but releases realising Trevor has a good ground game and wants to stand up. Trevor manages to get the take down again with a good ground and pound.

A hard first round takes its toll on both fighters so they start steady. Trevor gets the first takedown with ground and pound. Leigh has good defense and reverses the situation but leaves himself open for choke. Trevor fails to get the choke fully on but gains the mount, however his eye is looking very swollen at this point.

In the third round Leigh comes out with low kicks so Trevor goes for the take down. Leigh sprawls and gains mount and pounds away at Trevor who holds on and then manages to get the reversal. Jimmy Wallhead then stands them up, takes a look at Trevor's eye, and calls the doctor in who then calls the end of the fight.

Fight 12: Paul Hopkins vs. Carl Byrne

Both fighters are straight into the clinch. Paul gains mount with a hip throw, Carl shrimps out, they stand up and Carl goes on the offensive forcing Paul to go for the takedown. Carl gains control and wants to stand - as they exchange punches and kicks Carl forces Paul to the ground and gains the back, but to no avail. The referee stands them up and they attack each other with a flurry of punches.

In the 2nd round Carl comes out aggressive with his hands but the work rate soon slows down so Paul gets the takedown, gaining control with an arm bar and forces the tap out.

Fight 13: Karsten Lenjoint vs. Pablo Graziotti Silvera

Karsten starts with low kicks and Pablo forces the clinch. Karsten forces him to the floor and gets some mount. Pablo starts to defend really well but Karsten breaks through with heavy ground and pound forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

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